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I’m just going to answer the questions without tagging people bc I don’t have anyone else to tag lmao

1.  If you could teleport to any place right now where would it be?

  • back to my sister’s apartment in Japan ;; 

2.  Best thing in your fandom?

  • my fanart friends 

3.  Which hairstyle of any k-idol would you like to try?

  • p much anything by dara lmao she’s so pretty

4.  A movie that disappointed you after the book?

  • hmm probably the eragon movie lmao

5.  What do you hate to do?

  • yardwork

6.  OTP? NOTP?

  • otp: jongyu 
  • notp: 2min 

7.   Which sites are open in your tabs?

  • tweetdeck
  • youtube
  • tumblr
  • someone’s personal blog

8.  Best character ever?

  • toph from ATLA 

9.  What is your first impression of your bias?

  • I thought jinki was dweeby and goofy looking lmao

10. 3 songs that you have listened a lot lately?

11. tumblr crush?

  • hipthrust cus she’s seen me at my best and my absolute worst and is still a nonjudgmental force of good in my life T T 


fanartist is nanlyserenade on twitter / nanlyserenade.cafe24.com 


If you would like to request a tutorial, you can do so on this post over here!
Eye Coloring Tutorial by me | Other Eye Tutorials: 1 2 3 | My Resource list for Faces and Heads

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I deleted my tumblr dedicated for artworks, so I’ll publish all SHINee fanarts I made here. =3= Because I want to focus at fanarts anyway. So, that’s bassicialy it.

And there will be a series of drawing in this style. or so.

*poor english*

» tagged~

y’all are gonna learn a lot about me tonight it seems… lmao

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My questions to you:

1. top 5 favorite groups?

  • shinee
  • tvxq
  • BEG
  • miss A
  • infinite 

2. if you can make one wish come true which one would it be?

  • to have my sister come home from Japan right now :( 

3. your favorite place and why?

  • my favorite place is at a Disney theme park at night because I lived in Orlando as a kid/teen and I’ve created a lot of beautiful memories at Disney parks, so it always brings good feelings when I go back ;;

4. if you have to listen just one song for the rest of your life which one would it be?

5. winter or summer?

  • winter! I don’t like heat. 

6. best at girl group dance jo kwon or key?

  • jo kwon, but key is rly close. they both take girl group dancing seriously which is nice

7. cats or dogs?

  • dogsdogdogsdogsdogsdogs

My questions:

1. what’s your favorite juice drink?

2. Your happiest childhood memory?

3. Worst traveling experience?

4. would you rather eat really spicy food forever or really bland food forever?

5. What’s your favorite word to say? least favorite?

6. what makes you squeamish?

7. how many pets have you had?

9. if it were possible to could get a PH.D in absolutely any subject (for instance, a Ph.D in couch lounging lol) what would you get it in?

10. have you ever had major surgery before? what for?

11. What’s your favorite song and mv from a non-bias group?

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Hii ^^ Red??

Red: 5 facts about my bestfriend(s).

  1. I have two bestfriends who were actually exclusive bestfriends before I met them in highschool. Now the three of us are inseparable lmao. 
  2. one of them is proficient in Japanese, and the other is doing bio medicine or something. something really cool and sciency
  3. they are the funniest people I know 
  4. they introduced me to kpop
  5. they enjoy buying me dog-shaped gifts for my birthday and other occasions 

4 =D

i’m hoping this means the one where i list four things which is pink!

Pink: 4 facts about my parents.

  1. my mom’s a therapist who has owned her own clinic for 35 years
  2. my father is the manager of sales for some truck company 
  3. they both have three siblings 
  4. my mom is older than my dad (my mom’s a cougar lmao) 

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Green and orange :3

Green: 8 facts about my body


  1. I’m thick
  2. I have a long neck
  3. my eyes are blue
  4. hair is blonde
  5. I’ve got double jointed hips and shoulders (hello future arthritis) 
  6. I’m 5’9” tall (175cm)
  7. I can crack my neck without touching it
  8. I currently learned I’m a D-cup (like jjong)

Orange: 6 facts about my home town.

  1. it’s boring
  2. it’s boring
  3. it’s boring
  4. it’s boring
  5. it’s boring
  6. It’s in michigan 
THE ENTIRE RAINBOW. lol jk. just purple.. im totally not stalking you btw, i just happened to see the post when i refreshed my page


purple: ten facts about my room

  1. I painted it when we just moved in
  2. two walls are different shades of pink and the other two are pink/navy/white striped
  3. I have a side table dedicated to my shinee merch
  4. above that table I have a beautiful bulletin board full of notes and pictures people have drawn for me (most of them are jongyu lmao)(some are portraits of me)
  5. my bed is queen sized
  6. I recently got a new down comforter for my bed and my favorite thing is to cocoon myself in the entire comforter to
    sleep in _( `◟ 、_ )ノシ 
  7. I have three shinee posters hanging as well as some pictures of friends
  8. I also have a unicorn poster which I cut up to make look *~artsy~* and I also have a unicorn chime hanging above it
  9. the floor around my nightstand is stained with coffee spots lmao
  10. I have blackout curtains because I like darkness when I nap or sleep in ( ̄ェ ̄;)

Hello there~~ white? :)


white: three facts about my personality. 

-I’m more into thinking about how other people are doing than myself

-I’m a people pleaser lmao

-I’m a very anxious person 

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» Some OnKey thing I decided to write


Kibum notices the powder all over the counter top as he walks into the bathroom with a raised eyebrow. “What are you doing?” Jinki frowns and puts the brush in his hand down with a frustrated sigh. “I can’t get it right. It shouldn’t take me an hour of redoing this several times for it to look right. Kibum-ah help me. How do you make it look so easy” An exaggerated pushed out bottom lip follows his statement. Kibum scoffs and walks into the bathroom to flick that stupid pout he’s getting. “Of course I’ll help you, you’re wasting all this makeup. You should’ve asked before you even started. Hurry up and wash that off

Jinki comes out to the living room where there is more natural light. Kibum pushes some of his hair back and secures it with a pink clip. “First, you should always clip your hair back. You always end up with make up in your hair” He gets more stupid pouts from the man who is supposed to be older than him but sometimes that’s easy to forget. Jinki sits on the floor and he just shrugs, walking towards the same spot. Kibum shuffles his pink slippers across the room and sits with his legs crossed. However there’s no other way to reach Jinki’s face than to have his own legs spread out around Jinki’s waist. He rolls his eyes when he spots Jinki’s mischievous smile.

After the the foundation is blended nicely and set, Kibum explains how to contour without such harsh dark lines on Jinki’s face. It’s not like he needs much of it but this is where Jinki’s weak point is. Closing his eyes he concentrates on Kibum’s words and the way the brush feels against his skin. When the brush leaves his face and the silence feels seconds too long, one eye peeks open to see a smiling face just staring at him. Before he can open his mouth he hears Kibum’s slight giggle. “You know, you’re extremely adorable when you’re concentrating really hard” Jinki just wiggles his eyebrows up and down. He gets a slap to his chest for it but when the hand lingers there a bit he decides to grab it. With his other hand he grabs the back of Kibum’s neck to pull him into a kiss. The quiet “Mmm” was all he needed to hear to pull Kibum closer until he was on his lap. The sudden body heat had Kibum gasping for air. “Damnit Jinki this is the last time I’m giving you makeup lessons” Jinki can’t help but laugh into their kiss. “No it’s not.”


woooooo fave selfies of 2k14! I was tagged by the-artist-alliance!

I will tag hipthrust k-poppy s-generation jongtaetho insignificantchoiminho even though they prob wont want to do it lmao. 

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♡☞✃ Onkey :D


(based off of this amazingly adorable fanart by niquels ;o;)

"Your cheekbones look great," Kibum said, tilting Jinki’s head from side to side and assessing his work. Jinki’s eyes were still closed, lips parted slightly and eyelashes long over his skin with the light mascara Kibum used.

"My face feels heavy," he muttered. His eyes blinked half-open and Kibum grinned, rubbing his cheeks and smacking them a few times.

"What are you doing?" Jinki asks indignantly.

"Blending," Kibum answers, although he’s really just teasing.

Jinki grumbles and Kibum hands him a mirror. “Wanna see?”

The older man takes it, appraising himself suspiciously. His hair is still pulled back with a clip so it didn’t get in the way during the session, something Kibum is finding he likes more than he should.

"It’s…different," Jinki says, tracing the lines of his sculpted brows.

"It’s okay if you don’t like it." Kibum leans in further, already positioned between Jinki’s legs and so, so close to his pouting lips. His hand grasps Jinki’s and Jinki looks up at him with eyes that appear wide and sparkling because of the highlights of colour spread over his lids. "Thank you for letting me do this."

"Yeah, no problem," Jinki breathes, and Kibum tips his head so they can fit glossy mouths together, slight moans echoing between them.

They’ve only done this a few times before, but it’s growing harder and harder to resist. Kibum is aware he’s falling for the man—it probably shouldn’t be happening, but no one is complaining. These half-dates are turning into more and more; they’re growing closer and closer so naturally.

Jinki drops the mirror and holds Kibum’s other hand. He squeezes both palms at the same time. His barrette flops forward and bumps Kibum’s head when their kisses grow deeper and Kibum presses towards him.

"You should stay over tonight," Kibum says when he pulls back for a few seconds and then kisses Jinki once more.

"Okay," Jinki says softly. He’s probably thinking Kibum wants sex, though that’s not his intention. If it happens now, it happens now, but all he’s concerned with at this moment is making sure their hands can stay entwined and their lips can touch in the morning over coffee.

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