jaeho// this is a commission for mejinki !! I'm not familiar 
with this group (History) or this member but he's cute and it was fun
to draw him hehe. Hope you like it! Thanks for commissioning me T T; 
I'm convinced the spirit of peanut Minho is protecting my phone. I've dropped my phone so many times and my screen is still perfect. This case is amazing.


peanut minho phone cases can also act as indulgences and buy you 10,000 years off purgatory. purchase one for quick entrance into heaven 


puppy jonghyun by shirayuki.


Practice w tiny cutie (aka jjong)

I ended up listening linnhe's kpop tag audio, and istg I was just supposed to listen a bit what kinda things she'd say about shinee, but you were so right, her voice is ssoooooo soothing and Idk it made me relax :D

isn’t it!?!? She’s so genuinely easy to listen to and her voice is just the right tone and lilt to relax me omg. bless linnhe. 

kpop voice meme
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kpop voice meme; tagged by love-lovely niqels ^0^ this is the lady gaga cover i mentioned

here are the questions if you wanna follow along:

  • state your name and username
  • kpop group (group you’ll be answering the questions about)?
  • say all of the members’ names
  • how long have you been a fan?
  • your first bias of this particular group
  • your current bias and why
  • favourite body part of each member
  • favourite music video
  • OTP and other ships
  • favourite live performance
  • favourite show they did
  • member you think has the best smile
  • your favourite cover 
  • favourite choreography
  • favourite era
  • do you own any merchandise?
  • have you seen them perform live?
  • favourite voice/singer?
  • favourite dancer?
  • why are you a ___ (fanclub)?
  • tag the people you want to do this next

I got tagged by @cntardisblue to post a pic of my key chains! got my plush dinosaur keychain (which is supposed to remind me of jjong ubuuubuubuu) from boycottbaekhyun, my car keys, house keys, my homemade Onew keychain made by the lovely insignificantchoiminho, my rewards cards, my University alum keychains/a tag with the fight song on it, my high school keychain and my Cinnamoroll phone charm-turned-keychain lmao. all held together by a star lanyard my sis bought me in Japan ;;

I’ll tag my usual group if they’re interested lmao

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hello everyone! i was tagged by ranithepirate & dinobummie to do a voice meme! 

follow along for growling at jinki, being a grossly scatterbrained shawol, and special shoutouts at the end ! lmao

also here’s the performance I mentioned in my audio lol

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I was so mesmerized by the GIFs of Taemin singing “Replay” that I felt an intense need to draw him. However, I felt drawing him at rest would do his beauty absolutely no justice, so I decided to try my hand at rotoscoping (animation that is traced from live action). I really enjoy the wavering edges and the imperfection of it… I think it looks pretty rad.

Original GIF by shawollet

Please Do Not Reupload! 

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I’m done with abs. I know what abs look like. I’ve seen plenty. Plenty of arms too. Bring on the thighs. I want bare thighs. I’m bored. Bring me male idols in booty shorts and skin tight leggings. Free the thighs. Free them.

by: procyonee

» tagged…..again!

I’m putting this under a read more just in case people are sick of reading about me lmao but yeah. was tagged by the-artist-alliance!!!

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